Visualisierung im Lernprozess: Mindmaps, Flowcharts & Co.

Visualization in the learning process: mind maps, flowcharts & Co.

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Why are visualizations so important in the learning process?

Visualizations are invaluable in learning and information processing. They help us:

  • Structuring knowledge: Through the visual representation of information we can quickly recognize patterns and connections.

  • Promoting memory: Visually presented information is easier to remember because it appeals to both visual and associative memory.

  • Increase motivation: Colorful and creative representations can make learning more attractive and interesting.

Introduction to visualization techniques

  • Mind maps: Ideal for representing concepts and ideas. Mind maps help to structure complex topics and make them easier to understand.

  • Flowcharts: Perfect for representing processes or procedures. They clearly show the beginning, the different steps and the end of a process.

  • Charts: Good for comparing data or information and showing relationships between different elements.

Freeform from Apple: A recommendation for visual learners

Apple has created an impressive application with Freeform, which particularly simplifies the creation of mind maps, flowcharts and other visualizations. And the best? This app comes preinstalled on all your Apple devices. Here are some reasons why we particularly recommend Freeform:

  • Availability for most Apple products: As an integral part of the Apple product family, Freeform is available on iPhone, iPad and Mac.

  • Flexibility: Thanks to the limitless canvas, users can express their thoughts freely and without restrictions.

  • Variety of tools: In addition to support for various file types, Freeform also offers a variety of drawing tools and an extensive library of shapes.

  • Collaboration: The ability to collaborate with others in real time and discuss ideas in a FaceTime call makes Freeform a powerful tool for group projects.

  • Free Availability: Given all of these features, you might expect Freeform to have a price. But no, Apple offers it for free for all compatible devices!

Click here for the app in the Apple App Store

Visualizations play a crucial role in learning. They help us process, retain and share information better. Apple's Freeform offers an excellent platform for this, which we highly recommend to anyone who wants to integrate visual techniques into their learning process.