Cooling Down The Planet: Janado x Justdiggit

Cooling Down The Planet: Janado x Justdiggit

Janado strengthens commitment to climate protection through a new partnership with Justdiggit, an environmental organization known for its innovative regreening projects. Our common approach is simple and effective: for every device sold, €1 goes to a special revitalization project. But we not only have a vision, we also have a clear goal: by 2025 we want 223 together.Revitalize 200 square meters of parched areas.

The regreening project – for a smiling earth

We are pleased to partner with one of the most progressive environmental organizations successfully committed to the regreening of sub-Saharan Africa. Our support goes directly to a selected project in Kenya, where bunds - semicircular earthen walls - are being built by the local Maasai. These Earth Smiles, as they are affectionately called, are used to capture rainwater and allow plants to grow. These bonds are now also co-financed by Janado: With every item purchased from Janado, our customers help to regreen 15.5 m² of land and thus make an active contribution to climate protection.

The traditional and nature-based approach has a cooling effect on our planet. According to Justdiggit, the so-called “cooling down effect” can solve 37% of the climate problem by reviving the soil. It also improves the lives of people and animals. Because the revitalized soil allows new plants to grow, which regreens and cools the area.

Wie von den Massai gegrabene Bunds die trockene Erde in Kenia wieder begrünen

About Justdiggit

Justdiggit goes far beyond just digging water banks. Her work in sub-Saharan Africa, including Kenya and Tanzania, uses a variety of traditional regreening methods and sustainable land management strategies. Because they know: Regreening is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Every landscape requires a tailored approach.

The diversity of their efforts has already shown astonishing results. 400 in total.000 hectares of land have been regenerated, thanks to collaboration with over 2.000 local farmers, the so-called Champion Farmers. This extensive work has resulted in impressive figures: the regeneration of over 14 million trees and the digging of more than 315.000 water clusters. All of this contributes to cooling the earth and thus curbing climate change. Die Bunds, die auch Earth Smiles genannt werden, können Wasser bei jedem Regenschauer speichern und so das Land wieder begrünen

Active for the environment: Your role in our new partnership

Your contribution counts! With your conscious decision to buy refurbished from Janado, you are making a valuable contribution to our environment. Not only are you part of the circular economy, but you also actively support us in the reforestation of our planet.

In this way, you not only create a positive shopping experience for yourself, but at the same time you contribute to achieving our common goal of a sustainable future. Are you ready to become part of this important mission? 💚 We invite you to be inspired by further impressions and updates about our joint project on Instagram.

Die einheimischen Massai in Kenia sind die wahren Helden dieses Projekts: Denn sie graben die Bunds nach traditioneller Methode

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