Entdecke 4 AI Design Apps, um deine kreativen Ideen zum Leben zu erwecken

Discover 4 AI design apps to bring your creative ideas to life

You want to be creative and create something of your own, but you lack inspiration? Maybe you already have the right idea in your head, but don't have the time or opportunity to implement your concept professionally?

Artificial intelligence (AI) - or often the English term Artificial Intelligence (AI) - has been on everyone's lips at least since the publication of ChatGPT in December 2022. It took ChatGPT, which is based on deep neural networks and fed with a huge amount of data, a full 5 days to reach 5 million users. A quick comparison: It took Netflix 3.5 years, Airbnb 2.5 years, Twitter 2 years and Facebook 10 months to reach this number of users.

Artificial intelligence is also used in a wide variety of areas in the professional sector - such as graphic design: graphic designers and artists in particular are happy about the enormous work simplification that AI-based applications make. Content creators and photographers also benefit from such AI design tools and special AI design software. An example of the integration of AI is the Adobe Lightroom application, which is popular among photographers. Lightroom is actually used for image management and simple photo editing, but is increasingly receiving AI features that were previously relatively laborious to carry out manually in programs such as Adobe Photoshop.

In this post, we introduce four AI tools that can help all content creators and photographers realize their creative ideas: Tome AI, Flair, Clipdrop and Stockimg. Tome AI allows you to smoothly create presentations, while Flair allows you to generate visual backgrounds of objects. Clipdrop offers various AI-powered image editing tools, and Stockimg is an AI app for creating professional images using graphic design elements and AI design technologies.

Tome AI: Create presentations that tell a story

Tome ist eine App, mit der man komplette Präsentationen zu verschiedenen Themen erstellen kann

Tome is an AI app that makes it easier for you to create presentations and put together content. It is therefore aimed at everyone who would like to present their ideas, concepts, products or results. Artificial intelligence ensures that the content is put together in an appealing way, creating a unified story.

With Tome you can convert content into different formats and integrate it into presentations. The app has a DALL·E-Tile feature that allows you to create stunning images tailored specifically to your ideas. In addition, the app offers a wide range of features that make creating content easier. Interesting for all graphic designers: Tome offers live integrations with other tools such as Figma.

Flair: Create the right vibes for your products with artificial intelligence

Flair erstellt als AI App Hintergründe für Produkte mit Hilfe künstlicher Intelligenz

Flair is suitable for anyone who is still looking for a certain setting for their products. With Flair, designs for promotional materials can be created in no time. Here's how it all works: With just a few clicks you can drag your product photos into the canvas and create a scene around your product. The scene can be built using accessories. This means that the artificial intelligence automatically fills in the empty spaces. Flair's drag-and-drop interface allows you to flexibly drag your brand assets into the canvas. In addition, the tool offers smart prompting by providing image examples for instructions and an autocomplete function to make dialogue with the AI ​​app easier. With Flair you can create up to 5 ads in 60 seconds. You can edit, export and share the created advertising materials directly from the tool.

Clipdrop: Magical image editing via AI app

Clipdrop ist eine Photo AI App, mit der man nahtlos Bilder bearbeiten kann

Clipdrop is an AI tool that helps you achieve stunning visual results in seconds. It offers an ultimate ecosystem of apps, plugins and resources for content creators, graphic designers and photographers.

Clipdrop can support you in various situations: you can automatically remove objects, people, texts and defects from your images or automatically select the background to highlight the main subject with great accuracy. You can also easily scale your images to 2x or 4x, removing noise and restoring lost details.

Clipdrop also offers an API that allows you to integrate artificial intelligence into your own applications. You can enhance your own apps with Clipdrop's features and offer your users a better experience.

Stockimg: The AI ​​app for your original stock image

Stockimg ist eine AI App, die KI Logos und weiteres Artwork kreiert

Stockimg AI is a powerful AI tool for creating stock images. It is ideal for professionals from a wide range of areas such as marketing, design, social media and content creation who need individual assets to tell their story.

With the AI ​​app Stockimg AI you can smoothly create creative assets for your brand - again, no in-depth knowledge of image editing or design software is required. The tool offers a variety of features, including a user-friendly interface, customizable API integrations, and a powerful GPU that accelerates processing so that images are generated quickly.

The app uses advanced algorithms and AI technologies to generate images that look professional and attractive. With Stockimg AI, you can enter a description of your desired design and the AI ​​will automatically generate a high-quality image that matches your specifications. The tool also offers a surprise feature where you can receive random design suggestions. The cool thing is that you can use this feature as a starting point for your creative process.

With Stockimg AI you can create images in a variety of styles, from professional portraits to cartoons. The tool also supports scaling images to 4K quality, allowing you to create high-quality images for various channels, including social media posts, e-commerce websites, and email campaigns. Additionally, Stockimg AI offers a user-friendly dashboard interface that allows you to organize and quickly access your generated images.

In summary: Artificial intelligence in marketing and the appropriate AI apps

Artificial intelligence has not only enjoyed great popularity since ChatGPT. For creative minds working in marketing or design, apps based on AI technologies have long been available and can serve as alternatives to ChatGPT. These AI apps help content creators to implement their creative ideas faster and easier, especially in the area of ​​AI art - because who creates art on demand? This article presented four such AI apps that can be helpful for designers, graphic artists and other media professionals. Tome AI can be used to create presentations with an engaging and consistent story, while Flair makes it possible to generate attractive visual backgrounds for your products. Clipdrop offers various AI-powered image editing tools Stockimg not only helps you find the perfect stock image, but also uses artificial intelligence to create a completely new artwork that meets your ideas. These tools can save you valuable time and work.Even if the AI ​​tools don't work perfectly in every situation, they can still provide you with initial creative inspiration for your work.