Vorstellung der Apple Watch 9: Ist sie wirklich besser als ihr Vorgänger?

Introducing the Apple Watch 9: Is it really better than its predecessor?

Introduction: Apple Watch 8 vs 9

On the 12th In September, Apple once again made the tech world sit up and take notice. During the legendary Apple event, not only were the new iPhones 15 presented, but the new Apple Watch 9 was also put in the spotlight. If you thought the Apple Watch 8 with its body temperature measurement and crash detection was already a hit, then strain yourself for the next round. The Apple Watch 9 retains many of the tried and tested features of its predecessor and adds a step further. But is the upgrade actually worth it? In this blog post we take a closer look at both models and give you the ultimate overview. We check out the features that both watches have in common and which innovations could really blow your socks off. Whether you already wear an Apple Watch or are thinking about diving into the Apple smartwatch world, this post will answer all your questions. Are you ready? Then we’ll dive deep into the Apple Watch 8 vs 9 comparison!

Die Apple Watch 8 ist eine sehr gute Wahl für Leistung

Apple Watch 8 – A Review

Before we jump into the direct comparison, let's take a look back at the Apple Watch 8. This model has already set the bar pretty high. The Retina display shines with an impressive brightness of up to 1.000 nits, so you won't have any problems reading even in bright sunshine. The S8 chip works under the hood, which is based on the A13 Bionic chip and therefore brings a lot of power.

But not only that. With the Neural Engine, the Apple Watch 8 also offers support for machine learning, which lays the foundation for numerous intelligent functions. Siri is processed in the cloud, which requires a stable internet connection for requests. The dictation function is also a useful feature that increases the watch's suitability for everyday use. The first ultra-wideband chip is integrated and enables precise positioning and communication with other devices.

In terms of storage, the device comes with 32 GB, which should be more than enough for most users. Visually, the watch offers various aluminum models in the colors Starlight, Midnight, Silver and (PRODUCT)RED, so there is something for every taste.

All in all, the Apple Watch 8 was a hit and won many fans. But what can the Apple Watch 9 2023 do against it?

Apple Watch 9 2023 – What’s new

The Apple Watch 9 2023 was recently launched at the spectacular Apple Event on March 12th. Introduced in September and sharing the spotlight with the new iPhone 15 models. But what makes this smartwatch so unique, especially compared to the Apple Watch 8?

One of the most obvious differences is the Retina display, which now has up to 2.000 nits radiates. In the evening and in dark rooms, the brightness can even be dimmed to just 1 nit. Speaking of gestures: The new “Double Tap” function allows a variety of actions without touching the display. Everything from music control to camera operation is included.

Under the surface, the S9 chip, based on the A15 Bionic, provides 30% more speed and has 60% more transistors. Siri is now smarter and processes requests directly on the watch as long as no information from the web is required. Access to health and fitness data is now also possible.

The second ultra-wideband chip adds the Precision Finding function for iPhone 15 models. This helps you locate your misplaced iPhone in any direction and even offers visual, haptic and acoustic clues. And if you're a HomePod owner, your Apple Watch now gets even smarter whenever you're near a playing HomePod.

In terms of memory, the Watch 9 offers a whopping 64 GB, and in addition to the classics, there are also new color options such as pink. In short, although the Apple Watch 9 shares many similarities with the previous model, it does bring some welcome improvements.

Die Apple Watch 8 und ihr Nachfolger die Apple Watch 9 ist dein perfekter Alltagsbegleiter

Similarities between the two models

If you're considering upgrading from the Apple Watch Series 8 to the Series 9, you should first look at the common features that both models have to offer.

  • Retina Display: Both models come with a high-resolution Retina display.
  • Siri: Siri is at your side to answer your queries, although the Series 9 can also provide answers offline.
  • Aluminum housing: Both models are available in color options such as Starlight, Midnight and Silver.
  • Ultra Wideband Chip: Both Series 8 and 9 support Ultra Wideband technology.

Apple Watch 8 vs 9 – The differences

This is where things get interesting, because despite the many similarities, there are some crucial upgrades that you shouldn't overlook.

Performance and Chip

  • S8 chip (Series 8): Based on the A13 Bionic chip. Good, but a bit outdated now.
  • S9 chip (Series 9): A real beast, based on the A15 Bionic chip, with 60% more transistors and 30% faster performance. It also has a 4-core Neural Engine that is twice as fast.

Display and brightness

  • Series 8: With up to 1.000 nits brightness definitely not a bad display.
  • Series 9: Brings it to 2.000 nits and can be dimmed to 1 nit in dark rooms. This is especially practical at night or when going to the cinema.

More functions

  • Double Tap (Series 9): The new gesture allows you to stop timers, control music and more without having to touch the display.
  • Precision Finding (Series 9): This feature is specific to iPhone 15 models and provides visual, haptic and audio guidance to find a missing iPhone.
  • Storage: The Series 9 offers a whopping 64GB of storage compared to the Series 8's 32GB.
  • HomePod Integration (Series 9): Enables improved control over your HomePod when you're nearby.

Comparison Apple Watch 8 and 9: This is what the differences mean

The Series 9 is largely a moderate development of the Series 8. However, if you are looking for the latest technology and higher performance, the upgrade is definitely worth it. But hey, if the Series 8 is on sale and you can handle a little less firepower, it's still a solid catch!

Apple Watch 9 2023: Clarifying myths about blood pressure and blood sugar

There is a lot of information circulating online, especially when it comes to the health features of the latest smartwatches. There is a lot of speculation, especially regarding the "Apple Watch 9 blood pressure" and "Apple Watch 9 blood sugar" measurements. At this point we want to make things clear: The Apple Watch Series 9 currently does not offer any functions for measuring blood pressure or blood sugar.

The implementation of such health data measurement functions is technically extremely demanding. Not only must the hardware be able to take accurate measurements, but these measurements must also be medically reliable. This represents an enormous challenge in terms of engineering and medical research. It will probably be some time before such features are available in a smartwatch like the Apple Watch. For now, it remains the same: If you're looking for Apple Watch 9 blood pressure or Apple Watch 9 blood sugar features, you won't find them in this model yet.

Is the upgrade worth it? Should you switch from the Apple Watch 8 to the Apple Watch 9?

In 2022, Apple introduced the Apple Watch Series 8, which offers features such as body temperature measurement and crash detection. The Apple Watch Series 8 is no longer officially sold by Apple. But how does the Series 9 differ from the Series 8 and is it worth upgrading?

Who does the Apple Watch 9 upgrade make sense for?

According to Macrumors, the differences between the two models are minimal, with the Series 9 mainly characterized by the S9 chip, the double tap gesture and the precision finding -Feature for iPhone 15 models shines. So it's hard to justify the upgrade if you already own a Series 8. But there are scenarios where an upgrade would be warranted:

  • HomePod users: If you use your HomePod intensively, the Series 9 offers improved integration that provides specific media recommendations when you approach the HomePod.
  • iPhone 15 planned: If you are planning to buy an iPhone 15, the Precision Finding function is an attractive feature to locate your iPhone more easily.
  • More storage space needed: With 64GB of storage versus the Series 8's 32GB, the Series 9 can store more media, which may be important for some users.
  • One-handed operation: The Double Tap gesture makes one-handed operation easier, which can be especially useful if you often multitask.

Overall, the Apple Watch 9 2023 is a slight improvement over the Series 8. However, if you're coming from an older model and value special features like improved HomePod integration or more storage, the upgrade might make sense. For most users who already own a Series 8 or can find an older model at a reasonable price, the Series 8 is still a solid choice.

Die Apple Watch 8 und die Apple Watch 9 kannst du auch im Regen tragen

Conclusion: Should you upgrade from the Apple Watch 8 to the Apple Watch 9?

Upgrading from the Apple Watch Series 8 to the Series 9 is not a straightforward matter. Anyone who already owns a Series 8 probably won't find a good reason to upgrade to the newer version unless certain, specific features are essential. These include features such as Precision Finding for iPhone 15 owners, expanded HomePod integration or additional storage space.

For those looking to upgrade from an older Apple Watch version, the Series 8 remains an attractive option, especially when it's available at a discounted price. From a technological point of view, the Series 9 only offers marginal improvements that hardly represent any added value for the average user.

Therefore, our recommendation is: If you already own a Series 8, save your money and continue to enjoy a premium smartwatch experience. However, if you're moving from an older version and find the Series 9's new features irresistible, the upgrade might make sense.

Ultimately, the decision depends heavily on your individual needs and the benefit you could get from the new features. Anyone looking for the latest and greatest will of course choose the Series 9. But for most, the Series 8 is still a real winner, offering all the key features you'd expect from a premium smartwatch.

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