Was ist ein refurbished Handy?

What is a refurbished cell phone?

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What is a refurbished cell phone?


Environmental protection has become significantly more important in recent years. This development has also become established in electronic devices such as smartphones and laptops, meaning that more repairs are being made again. The term “refurbishing” has become established. But what does refurbished mean for cell phones and what is the difference to used cell phones? Do such “refurbished phones” have any advantages over used cell phones? We want to clarify these questions below. Have fun reading!


What is the difference between a “refurbished”, “refurbished” and “used” phone?


The term refurbishing stands for high-quality preparation and repair of products for further sale. The devices are then in technically perfect condition, although there may be minimal external traces. For example, wear-prone parts such as the battery are replaced in order to offer an optimal experience. In this case, refurbished means exactly the same as refurbished and is just a different word.


It's a little different with used goods. Such products are mostly offered by private individuals and can show significant signs of wear. The technical condition is no longer optimal; for example, the battery is rarely replaced and can fail after a short time. In addition, no guarantee or warranty is given for used cell phones and smartphones. Another disadvantage of used cell phones is improper reset. In order to protect the data on a cell phone, for example if it is stolen, manufacturers have come up with a lock. The cell phone can only be unlocked using the corresponding account. In the worst case scenario, the cell phone is now useless.


By the way, refurbishing doesn't just happen with cell phones, laptops or printers, but is also carried out in the real estate or automotive sectors, for example. In the first case, one speaks of renovation measures that maintain the condition, while in the case of automobiles one speaks of reconditioned vehicles.


How a telephone is “refurbished”


Refurbished phones are mostly former leasing returns from companies. But how does a used cell phone become a refurbished cell phone? First, the technical condition is checked, i.e. the camera and touchscreen work in all places. Does sound and vibration work? Manufacturers such as Samsung offer a hidden menu that can be accessed using a key combination. If everything is OK here, all remaining accounts will be removed and the smartphone will be reset to factory settings.


The removal of the accounts is extremely important, because without removal a block will be triggered when they are reset, which can then only be removed with great difficulty or only by the manufacturer. At Apple this function is called iCloud Lock, while on Android it is called Google FRP Look. If you reset a smartphone without, for example, removing the Google account, the corresponding account will be requested when you restart it. Without this, further use of the cell phone is not possible.


If errors are noticed during the check, such as dead pixels in the display or no vibrations, these defective components will be replaced and the cell phone will be tested again. The battery is also subjected to very strict tests to guarantee a long service life. The same applies to the outer frame and the back cover. Minimal scratches are permitted as long as the marks are not very visible. Otherwise these parts will also be replaced. In addition to the exchange, refurbished phones are also cleaned again and freed from dust and dirt, both inside and out. Finally, the smartphone is checked and polished again.


What advantages do “refurbished phones” have and why should you buy such a phone?


Refurbished smartphones offer many unique advantages. A big advantage is climate and environmental protection. Buying a refurbished smartphone helps protect the climate. On the one hand, there is no need to produce a new smartphone and transport routes are also shortened because good spare parts are already available locally. Resources are also conserved, some of which are mined under undignified conditions. This is an indirect way to promote fair working conditions.


But electronic waste is also significantly reduced. For example, in America, 151 million smartphones, most of them Apple iPhones, are thrown away every year. That alone is a gigantic amount and it doesn't include any other devices such as laptops or workstations. Some of this electronic waste is then transported illegally to Africa and disposed of there in a way that is harmful to health. By purchasing a refurbished smartphone, you can help eliminate these mountains of junk and treat people in other areas fairly.


But refurbished phones also have an advantage for your own wallet. Buying refurbished cell phones/smartphones saves a lot of money. There is no need to compromise on quality because such phones have been tested beforehand. In addition, dealers like Janado GmbH offer a twelve-month warranty and a 30-day test phase from the date of purchase. Some of the smartphones even come with a manufacturer’s warranty.




Refurbished smartphones have become significantly more important in recent years. With Janado's twelve-month warranty as well as their low prices, it is also profitable and safe. So you can always expect a very high quality and a technically perfect condition, so that you can benefit from the smartphone in the long term. Refurbished cell phones are also good for the environment because they protect supply chains and significantly reduce electronic waste. When you buy a refurbished smartphone, you are also committed to fair working conditions, as on the one hand the technicians who recondition the phones are paid fairly, but also less scrap is illegally disposed of, which would otherwise be burned in a way that is harmful to health.