Notebook gebraucht kaufen - darauf sollten Sie achten

Buying a used notebook - this is what you should pay attention to

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Buying a used notebook: What you should definitely pay attention to

Buying a used notebook is a smart alternative to buying a new one. This is not surprising given the advantages: you can find second-hand laptops that are fully functional from recommended providers. Their performance is proven to be strong, and the hardware also leaves nothing to be desired. Therefore, more and more people with a preference for quality, price and environmental protection are deciding to purchase a used notebook. However, one thing is clear: buying a used notebook is not an option for everyone. It may be that a desired license is not available for your desired used device. The second-hand battery can also disappoint. For this reason, sensitivity is required when buying used notebooks - and our tips.

What should you pay attention to when buying a used laptop?

Used laptops may have certain defects. Therefore, you should check your device carefully before purchasing. If you choose used goods from reputable online shops, they will carry out the check. However, you should still know the most important purchasing criteria in order to be able to optimally assess your used notebook:

Pay attention to whether any external signs of use are visible on the device. If so, are they serious or are they within limits? It is also advisable to switch on the laptop before buying a used notebook. This means you will immediately hear strange noises such as an above-average operating volume. Additionally, pay special attention to the display. Repairs to these are usually complex and therefore expensive. If you recognize a superficial error or even a crack in it, buying a used notebook is out of the question for you. At least with this device.

We also advise you to keep an eye on the performance of the installed battery. Is the battery draining quickly while you are checking the used notebook? In this case, too, other used laptops should be given preference. Depending on the model, a new battery is often expensive.

You should also check the keyboard of your notebook. If the keys are noticeably worn out, they will make typing difficult. In addition, you can see how carefully the current owner has treated the device so far. Also check whether there is any dust or other debris between the keys.

A recommended used notebook should also not make any strange noises. If this is the case, you should be careful. It is not unlikely that a hardware defect will soon need to be repaired. Do used laptops you have tested rattle, squeak or beep? Better choose another device.

Obviously, there are some essential points to consider when it comes to buying a used notebook. You shouldn't compromise on them. After all, the battery, display and keyboard are indispensable parts of the device. Therefore, take enough time to check it for defects. Ultimately, this not only saves nerves, but in case of doubt it also saves money. Are you unsure whether a used notebook would be a good choice? At this point, you should check out other used laptops. After all, the range on the used market is extensive. You will soon find a used notebook that will completely satisfy you.

15 tips for buying used notebooks

  1. Before you buy, think about what functions your used notebook should offer you.
  2. If necessary, research interesting products online. This speeds up your decision.
  3. Take your time to make a decision. You can use first-class used laptops for a long time. So don't rush anything.
  4. Think about whether you want it to be a branded laptop or a no-name laptop.
  5. Pfer professional online shops over private sellers.
  6. Ideally, always inspect used laptops before purchasing.
  7. Don't buy a used notebook if you are not completely convinced. You will definitely find another device soon.
  8. Don't just check the appearance of your desired device. Also test the battery and take a close look at the display.
  9. Ask the seller directly if there have been any problems with the notebook in the past. You may even be able to receive the original purchase receipt.
  10. Avoid using a used notebook if it makes unusual noises. An imminent hardware defect cannot be ruled out!
  11. You can find used laptops in different conditions. If the price is not justified for you, it is best to renegotiate it.
  12. Keep a close eye on the laptop's battery indicator during your test. If it discharges quickly, you should not buy the device. Battery problems are often expensive to fix.
  13. Ideally compare several suppliers and used laptops with each other. This makes it easy for you to make the optimal decision.
  14. Be careful if a high-quality device is offered at a disproportionately low price. It could be that this is an inferior lure offer.
  15. Don't let yourself be persuaded or rushed when it comes to buying a used notebook. If you have a bad gut feeling, definitely avoid using the device on offer.

Your second-hand laptop - buy a used notebook with enthusiasm

Do you want to buy a used notebook because you want to save money? Maybe you attach great importance to environmental protection? Or do you appreciate the quality that you get when buying used goods from recommended dealers? No matter what your argument is when it comes to buying a used notebook - you will find it at Janado. Used laptops from our shop will impress you with their selected features during daily use. We also offer a guarantee on your used device. Finally, we know that your mind can change.

The decision for or against a used notebook always requires sensitivity. Before you buy, make sure you have a powerful battery, quiet operation and a keyboard that is comfortable to use. The display should be intact, and the casing of the device should meet your requirements in terms of appearance. Please also note that recommended used laptops are easy to use. So they boot up quickly and are also switched off in no time. If these purchase criteria apply, you can purchase it with a good feeling. At Janado you can expect your used notebook, which is reliably included.