iPhone XS vs. iPhone XR. Das sind die Unterschiede

iPhone XS vs iPhone XR. These are the differences

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Choosing between iPhone XS and XR is not easy. Despite many common specifications, the difference in operation is present and noticeable. Both Smartphones have their advantages and disadvantages.

Beautiful design

The phones have a stylish and practical design. They are convenient to use, but there are differences. XS has a shiny stainless steel frame. Aluminum was used in the development of XR and the housing is matt.

Both phones are dust and water resistant, but in different ways. The iPhone XS has an IP68 protection level. It can stay at a depth of 2 meters for 30 minutes. The iPhone XR can stay at a depth of up to one meter for 30 minutes as it has received IP67 protection. If liquid, not necessarily water, gets on such phones, it is definitely not the end. You just need to turn off the device, rinse it with clean water, dry it and wait a little. The iPhone will work again.

iPhone XR vs XS by price and color options

The XS is a pretty expensive phone. For the version with additional storage of 256 GB you will have to pay about a thousand euros. The iPhone XR has a lower price. The device with additional storage of 128 GB costs half as much. The prices are not low, but you can seriously save by buying a used phone.

As for the color scheme of the cases, the XS is presented in three variants: Space Gray, Silver and Gold. When purchasing the XR you can choose from six colors: white, black, coral, blue, red and yellow.

The comparison of phone sizes and weights

Both iPhones are easy to use, fit well in the hand and don't differ too much in size. The XS is slightly smaller and lighter. The dimensions — 143.6 x 70.9 x 7.7 mm, the weight — 177 grams. The iPhone XR is 150.9 x 75.7 x 8.3 mm and weighs 194 grams.

Cameras for bright impressions

Both phones use the same wide-angle lenses and Smart HDR. We can therefore speak of almost the same photo quality on both devices. However, the iPhone XS has some advantages.

The phone uses a dual camera with a resolution of 12 megapixel and a wide-angle telephoto lens. Even in low light, the quality of the photos is impressive. The video resolution is 4k. 240 fps slow motion available.

If you are interested in portrait shooting, note that XR only uses digital zoom. The presence of a telemodule in the XS is a pretty strong advantage. This device can be a versatile tool in the hands of mobile photography lovers. Such a phone is better for taking portraits, distant elements and close-ups. This iPhone also uses an improved image stabilization system. The XS optical zoom can be 10x.

Both devices are equipped with the same 7 MP frontcamera, so selfies also have the same quality.

Which display is better?

One of the biggest differences between the two phones is the displays. The iPhone XS has a higher quality OLED display that ensures excellent images and stable viewing angles. However, your eyes tire quite quickly when using such a screen. The iPhone XR uses an LCD display. It is more convenient for long-term work. You won't feel tired for a long time. There are also clear differences in the specifications of the displays.

The specifications

OLED display of the iPhone XS

LCD display in iPhone XR

The resolution

2436 x 1125 pixels

1792 x 828 pixels

The pixel density

458 ppi

326 ​​ppi

The diagonal

5.8 inches

6.1 inches

The brightness

672.5 cd/m²

718.8 cd/m²

The Display of the iPhone XS is able to reproduce images in higher quality. So if the question of saturation, contrast and brightness of the image is fundamental for you, the choice is obvious.

The comparison of efficiency

Both models have an Apple A12 Bionic processor, thanks to which all programs run extremely quickly and smoothly. These phones are great gaming gadgets.

The six-core Bionic processor has a clock frequency of 2800 MHz. The differences in RAM size are insignificant: iPhone XS has 4GB, iPhone XR has 3GB. For users who need a lot of storage, XS is more suitable as it can have a maximum of 512GB among the three possible modifications (64, 256 and 512GB). The XR also has three storage options, but the maximum is much lower (64, 128, and 256GB).

The battery performance

The online working time of iPhone XS is about 12 hours. This is much less than the iPhone XR, which can work online for 15 hours. It is suitable for those who really use their phone a lot. The first model has a battery capacity of 2658 mAh, the second — 2942 mAh.

Both phones support wireless and fast wired charging. In terms of charging speed, XR wins, although not by much. The XS charges in 3:28 hours, the XR takes 3:17 hours.

iPhone XS vs. XR The most important differences at a glance:


iPhone XS

iPhone XR

The processor

Apple A12 Bionic

The cameras

The dual camera 12 MP, the front camera 7 MP

The display

OLED, 5.8 inches

LCD, 6.1 inch

The color options

3 colors

6 colors

The dimensions



The weight

177 grams

194 grams

The working time

About 12 hours

About 15 hours

The battery capacity






The memory modifications

64, 256, 512 GB

64, 128, 256 GB

When choosing between iPhone XS and iPhone XR, you need to decide what you want from your device and how much money you want to spend on it. With Apple's iPhone XR you can save significantly. This model is simpler: the main camera, lower pixel density and less memory than the iPhone XS. However, XR works longer without charging and is suitable for active users who can spend a lot of time with their iPhone. The iPhone XS will appeal to more demanding users who want higher quality from their phone and generally more options for work and play.

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