Welches ist das beste iPhone für Fotos?

Which is the best iPhone for photos?

New smartphones with interesting specifications and new impressive capabilities are constantly appearing on the market. Accordingly, the cameras will also be improved. After all, we are used to taking a lot of photos and preserving pleasant and beautiful impressions. But which iPhone has the best camera for your needs?

The cameras in iPhones

The cameras in iPhones are particularly effective and capable of creating really high-quality photos. Sometimes these devices can even partially replace SLR cameras. The iPhone 7 Plus was the first to get a dual camera: https://www.janado.de/products/iphone-7-plus-1?variant=41836359811231. Later they all had Apple smartphones. Such a camera made it possible to use portrait mode (the device focuses on the subject and blurs the background). But of course that's not the only advantage of iPhones.

With each new generation, the cameras improve and receive more and more interesting functions. Video processing algorithms and the processor begin to more actively influence the image quality. Digital photography reaches a new level. So, which iPhone has the best camera?

iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max

The iPhone 11 has a system of two compact cameras with 12MP (wide angle and ultra wide angle): https://www.janado.de/products/iphone-11. In this model, the night mode and Deep Fusion technology, which helps make photos much more detailed, attract attention. The device features 2x optical zoom, 5x digital zoom, True Tone flash with slow sync, and a next-generation Smart HDR mode for photos. Front camera extension 12 MP. Portrait mode has six effects: Studio Light, Natural Light, Contour Light, Stage Light Mono, Scene Light, Light without Contrast Mono.

iPhone's best camera is in the premium versions Pro and Pro Max. They feature an innovative camera system, a third telephoto sensor, 15x digital zoom, an improved portrait mode and an expanded color palette for photos and live photos.

Which iPhone camera is the best? iPhone 12 or iPhone 12 Pro?

The iPhone 12 is truly the iPhone with the best camera. This device uses more advanced software that significantly improves photo quality. Ultra wide-angle shots with an aperture of 2.4 and 12 MP are possible. The premium versions of the iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max have an additional lens (aperture 2.0.12MP, 2x optical zoom). Attention is drawn to the night mode of the front camera, as well as the LiDAR sensor, which helps with focusing in low light conditions. The iPhone 12 Pro Max added matrix-shift optical stabilization.

iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max

iPhone 13 with the best camera also has optical stabilization with matrix shift, and photo profiles have also been added: https://www.janado.de/products/iphone-14. It's worth paying attention to the iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max models. With their help you can take macro photos. There is a third camera for ultra wide angle and autofocus. The portrait mode works great, where you can define the depth of field and the film mode. Up to a terabyte of storage allows you to store all your photos.

So, which iPhone camera is the best?

With Apple constantly improving, it's no surprise that the latest model will have the highest quality camera. In this aspect, it is worth paying attention to the iPhone 14 and 14 Pro. They have a significantly larger camera unit, as well as an updated image signal processor that is responsible for photo processing.

The iPhone 14 Pro's best camera uses a 48-megapixel main lens and an improved ultra-wide-angle camera. There is autofocus and improved image processing algorithms that make photos even more detailed. The main difference of the premium version is the unique scaling of photos and their exceptional level of detail.

The cameras in Apple smartphones have come a long way. Every year Apple delights iPhone fans with a new model. The quality of the camera in each of them is at a very high level, because when choosing a phone it is especially important to be able to take good photos.

The newer the model, the better the photo quality is of course. So the question of which iPhone has the best camera is not that difficult. But new smartphones cost a lot. That's why buying a used device often helps you get a high-quality phone and save money. At Janado you can choose an iPhone according to your needs. This can be a used device or a new smartphone in the original packaging. Everything depends on your preferences and funds. Janado offers high-quality iPhones for photography, easy 30-day returns, and a 12-month warranty.