25 Tipps und Tricks für Android-Smartphones

25 tips and tricks for Android smartphones

You can do more than take photos, play games and of course make phone calls with your Smartphone. With our Android Tricks you will become a pro with every application.

1. Check smartphone

If you want to buy a used phone, you can quickly check the most important functions with this hack. Type the key combination *#0*# and you'll be taken to a menu where you can run some basic commands to check. This includes checking the display, checking the speakers and camera as well as the smartphone version. Use this function even if you have borrowed your phone. This way you can quickly check whether everything is still OK.

2. New or refurbished cell phone?

With every purchase, it makes sense to check whether the smartphone is really brand new or just refurbished. To do this, type the combination *#2222# into the keypad. This will take you to a screen that will give you this information. It shows you the actual hardware version. You can now compare this with the advertised offer. If these match, everything is fine. You can use the key combination +#1111# to perform the same check with the installed software. Therefore, run both USSD codes once every time you buy a new or used cell phone, then you will know exactly what you are buying. Be sure to use these Android tips if you have bought a Smartphone over the Internet.

3. Current update?

The key combination *#1234# shows you which update is installed on your cell phone. If it is an outdated version, you should update it as soon as possible. You can find the function for this in the Settings. This ensures that you can fully use your smartphone with all current functions. An updated update also gives you the greatest security against unauthorized access.

4. Check power consumption

Your battery always discharges unnaturally quickly? Then hidden functions and settings could be nibbling at your energy storage. To do this, type the key combination *#*#4636#*#* and it will show you all the statistics you need to know about your smartphone's power consumption. Unfortunately, this combination does not work on all Android devices.

5. Block apps specifically

In shared apartments or in the office, it's easy to reach for a "strange" Smartphone. Even among friends, people sometimes help each other out and pass on their phones for a few hours. However, it may make sense to restrict access. To do this, activate the app lock. You can find these in the Settings. Block the apps that you don't want anyone other than you to use. This is simply better with all banking or trading apps, for example.

6. Quick access to any application at home

It is extremely annoying to constantly have to unlock your smartphone. In a safe environment, such as your home, this is not necessarily necessary. You can activate the application"Smart Lock" under "Security and privacy lock". This means that your cell phone will automatically unlock as soon as it is in a WLAN that is defined as secure. However, this mode has a high power consumption and limits the capacity of your battery.

7. Switch off power guzzlers

A rapidly discharging battery can also indicate excessive activity. Especially the hidden applications are sometimes difficult to find. Therefore, check your smartphone regularly. Under Settings - Mobile network - Data usage you will find all the apps that are running in the background. In this function you can also switch them off straight away or limit their use.

8. Stolen Smartphone Block

A stolen Smartphone is not only inconvenient, it can also be dangerous. Clever thieves quickly cracked your account and emptied your bank account. That's why you should act quickly as soon as you notice the theft. To do this you need the IMEI number of your device. You can read this using the key combination *#06# and write it down in a safe place. The glove compartment of your car or your desk drawer are suitable for this. Always have a prepaid cell phone ready there for emergencies like this. Call the blocking hotline now on 116 166. Vodafone customers can also call 0 172 / 12 12 or Telekom customers can call 0800 3 302202. If you are abroad, dial +49 30 4050 4050. Enter the IMEI number there. After an identity check, the hotline switches off your smartphone, making it unusable for the thief.

9. Restore deleted files

If you accidentally deleted your file system, then there may be a rescue. Your smartphone has an application that can be used to restore lost files. We can't give a guarantee but it's definitely worth a try. To do this, type the following key combination: 


This will take you to the media file backup. There you can save your photos, audios and documents.

10. Why am I seeing this ad?

You have probably asked yourself why you always see the same products advertised. The reason for this is the Google algorithm, which evaluates your search and user behavior. If you want to take a look at this program, you can do so with your Smartphone. Go to Google Settings on your Smartphone. There you will find the “Advertising” menu. If you turn off the “Personalized Advertising” tab, your user behavior will no longer be checked. You will still see advertising, but it will no longer be synchronizedwith your search behavior.

11. Virgin Phone

If you want to sell your Smartphone, it's time to restore it to its virgin state. After all, you don't want the next user to be able to see your images. With these Android Tricks you can easily reset the phone to its factory settings. To do this, dial the following USSD code: 


But be careful. This application is very dangerous. Don't just try it out, you'll actually erase all data from your phone. Alternatively, you can also use the code *2767*3855#. The device deletes all apps and files including phone book, caller list and everything else.

12. Show available connections

Not every WLAN received can be used by your smartphone. With these Android tips you can see which network is available to you. To do this, type one of the following combinations: 

*#* #232339#*# * or *#*#526#*#*. You will be taken to a menu where you can see the available connections. Now all you need to do is ask for the password and use the WiFi. Pay attention to the spaces when entering the codes!

13. Show position with words

The “what3words” app replaces the cryptic position information from your GPS with an easy-to-remember word combination. The developers divided the entire globe into squares measuring one by one meter. Each square can be precisely identified by three randomly chosen words. You can also use navigation to find your way back to your starting point. This application is extremely practical when you go for a walk far away from streets and house numbers. With What3Words you simply can't get lost anymore.

14. Back to Start

Sometimes it doesn't help to tinker with your smartphone. After a long period of use or if you buy used, it may make sense to completely rebuild the device. This way you can be sure that all functions will work the way you want them to. This application goes a step further than factory reset. With *2767*3855# not only all data is deleted. The operating system is also formatted once and reinstalled. Remember that you will have to update your device again afterwards.

By the way: When resetting to factory settings or reinstalling the operating system, data recovery no longer works. Therefore, save your photos, videos and documents on an external storage device beforehand.

15. What did I say and when?

There are often tiresome discussions with friends or parents about what was or wasn't said in a conversation. Smartphones can help you bring clarity to these discussions. With these Android Tricks you can control yourself. With *#*#8351#*#* you can listen to your last 20 phone calls again. It's kind of creepy, but it can help you understand a conversation. But be careful - you can also get into legal trouble here. If you want to record a phone call, get permission from your partner beforehand.

16. If off then off!

Android users can tell you a thing or two about it: pressing the “off/on button” does not reliably turn off the smartphone when it is switched on. First you have to click through an annoying menu until the phone finally shuts down. These Smartphone tips will show you how you can shorten things. Dial *#*#7594#*#* and the device will turn off immediately. This mode is also helpful if your power button is broken. This way you can safely take it to the repair service without the battery running out of power.

17. Make calls more efficiently with the call waiting function

Call waiting mode helps you organize your calls better. This lets you know whether someone is calling you during a phone call. You can also put the current caller on hold and answer the call waiting immediately. For these Android Tricks dial *43#. You have now activated the call waiting functions and can optimally organize your callers.

18. Make anonymous calls

Sometimes you don't want the person you're calling to see your phone number. A typical example of this is if you are interested in a product from the classifieds and want to call the seller. We will introduce you to the anonymous calling function in our Android tips. To do this, type #3#. “Private number” will now appear on the callee’s display. This means he can no longer call you back or save your phone number. But be careful - many people don't like such unknown callers at all and won't even answer.

19. Perfect selfie with the headset

You can also use the speaker buttons as a remote shutter release for your camera. This means you can take every selfie much better than if you had to use the smartphone with one hand. As soon as you have connected the cable, activated the camera and pressed the volume/bar buttons, the Smartphone will take a photo.

20. Turn your smartphone into a multitool

There is practically no application left that doesn't exist for your smartphone. All you need is the right app. We recommend combined apps that allow you to install multiple tools at once. An example of this is the “Swiss Army Knife”. Here you not only have a stopwatch and a compass, but also a spirit level and a stopwatch immediately at hand. The advantage of these multi-apps is that you have the individual functions sorted better and at your fingertips more quickly.

21. Charge faster

With these Android tricks you can quickly supply your cell phone with power again. Before plugging it into the charging cable, switch it to airplane mode. This activates the quick charging function. Your Smartphone will be full again more quickly.

22. Delete text

If you want to quickly delete a paragraph, message or other text, shake your phone. A pop-up will appear offering you the option to “Delete”. This will prevent you from sending an incorrect text.

23. Block pop-ups

Pop-up ads can be quite annoying during a game. However, separate pop-up blockers can disrupt the functions of these free apps. Therefore, switch to airplane mode during the game. You can now use the app without having to constantly watch advertisements.

24. Download websites

As an Android user, you can download a website completely. This allows you to watch them later when you have more time. In the browser, tap the three dots at the top of the screen and then tap the “Download button”.

25. Train dictionary

When you type a new word, highlight it and hold it for a few seconds. This way it will be saved in your personal dictionary and suggested to you the next time you text. You can also remove incorrect words from your dictionary. For example, you get rid of the annoying “due” instead of “die”.

We hope you liked our Android Tricks and that we were able to show you something new. If you liked our article then leave us a nice comment. Have fun with your Smartphone and see you next time!