Für welches Smartphone soll ich mich entscheiden?

Which smartphone should I choose?

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The range of smartphones is not easy to keep track of and new devices are constantly being added. Which cell phone is right for me Many people ask themselves this question. Is it the iPhone or an Android model? The first step can be choosing the right category. We'll go through these and present good devices in each category.

A Smartphone with a first-class price-performance ratio

In this category, our choice falls on the Xiaomi Poco F3. It impresses at first glance with its smooth and simple design. Without camera the device is only 7.8 mm thin. Like the top devices, the screen offers OLED technology and a resolution of 2400 x 1080 pixels, which corresponds to a resolution of 395 ppi.

The equipment includes G5 and also includes a camera with a recording capacity of 12 megapixels. The Poco F3's processor offers enough performance to run games without any problems. In this respect, the device beats many more expensive devices. There is also a battery with a running time of 10 hours. For the new price of the Poco F3 you would only get a very old iPhone.

The compact Smartphone 

Typical examples of compact smartphones are the iPhone 13 mini or the iPhone 12 mini.

The Unihertz Jelly (Pro) is probably one of the most compact devices from the Android universe. The device is smaller than two matchboxes. The housing is made of robust plastic, which says something about the orientation of the device. This Smartphone is probably used by many users as a second device for special applications such as sports. But it is also an option for users who only need and want to spend a little time with their smartphone.

The Unihertz Jelly runs Android 7. The equipment includes LTE, dual SIM, a micro SD slot and a GPS module for location determination. The RAM is 2 GB, while the mass storage has space for 16 GB. In the test, the biggest concern about small devices turned out to be largely unfounded, namely the input. Typing on the small screen is remarkably easy. However, the voice quality is not very impressive, which is probably due to the inevitably large distance between the mouth and the microphone due to the small size of the device.

Smartphones with large Display 

A typical representative of this category is the Apple iPhone Pro Max. Its screen has dimensions of 154 x 71 mm with 2.778x1.284 pixels, which corresponds to a resolution of 458 ppi. With 6 GB of RAM and 238 GB of free storage as well as the processor clocked at 3.2 GHz, this iPhone is also one of the top models in other respects. The battery life of 17 hours should also be highlighted as a special feature of the iPhone.

[url=https://www.whathifi.com/reviews/apple-iphone-13-pro-max]Apple iPhone Pro Max[/ url]

As an alternative to the iPhone with different technology, the company Samsung has a foldable smartphone with additional screen in the program. The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G has a total screen size of 120 x 150 mm, which is 2.208x1.768 pixels with a resolution of 374 ppi. This model from Samsung has 12 GB of RAM and a processor with a clock speed of 3.1 GHz. There is 225 GB available in the mass storage and Samsung states a battery life of 9 hours.

A Smartphone with a first-class camera

Of course, the top models of the iPhone or those from the Samsung brand also have a very good Camera. But the interesting question is whether there is also a cheaper model with an excellent camera. The OnePlus 8 Pro can be cited as an example of this. Its camera impresses not only in daylight, but also at a light intensity of just 3 lux, which is equivalent to three candles. The standard resolution is 12.2 MP, which can be increased to a maximum of 48 MP.

Sustainable smartphones

There are two brands to choose from in this category. The better known is probably Fairphone from the Netherlands, but here we present a Smartphone from the German company Shift.

The Shift5me has a screen measuring 5 inches and impresses with its elegant and minimalist design. Its memory can be expanded up to 256 GB, and you can choose from 3 or 4 GB of RAM.

The Shift5me is also sustainable because parts such as the battery are replaceable in its modular design. This enables a significantly longer service life. In addition, attention is paid to acceptable working conditions during production. The raw material coltan, which is difficult to extract, is not used.

The Shift5me is also available for a reasonable price of less than 300 euros. However, the company also offers a more expensive model with a 6-inch screen.

A secure Smartphone 

It is not without justification that many people describe a smartphone as a surveillance bug that can also be used to make phone calls.

The company Nitrokey in Berlin offers a smartphone that can be used to keep this effect as low as possible. It is a modified Google Pixel Smartphone. The technical data is 8 GB of RAM, a processor with a clock frequency of 2.8 GHz and a screen with a size of 1080 x 2400 pixels and therefore a resolution of 411 ppi.

The operating system used is a hardened Android 12 called grapheneOS. The device is also available without a built-in microphone and then uses an attachable one. Nitrokey guarantees security updates until 2026, which enables this smartphone to have a correspondingly long lifespan.


Which smartphone is right for me? Samsung or iPhone from Apple are the only options that many even consider. However, there are many more models available in the Janado shop, both new and refurbished. With a more conscious choice, you can respond to your own needs individually with a correctly selected Smartphone.