Welches iPad soll ich kaufen?

Which iPad should I buy?

Which iPad to buy?

Ipads have been one of the most popular tablets on the market for years. However, Apple, the company that produces and sells iPads, offers several series and models. The question quickly arises: Which iPad to buy? Therefore, in this iPad buying guide you will find out which models are currently available on the market, what advantages and disadvantages the individual devices have and which model is best suited for which users .

The iPad

This "normal" iPad is the first device in this iPad buying guide. It is the “standard device” and therefore represents the entry-level class. In the basic configuration it is already available for less than 400 EUR. This tablet is by no means a bad device and is being continually developed further by Apple. The 9th was recently announced. Generation of iPad released.

Technical features:

Technically, the iPad is the 9th generation. Generation up to date. The storage is 64 GB in the base configuration, but can be increased to 256 GB. The built-in 10.2-inch display offers a high resolution and has True Tone technology. The stereo speakers on the bottom of the device also sound very good for a tablet. The tablet has the somewhat outdated A13 chip. Even if it is no longer the newest and fastest on the market, the performance is absolutely sufficient for all everyday tasks and is even very good compared to tablets from other manufacturers. The device is delivered with iPadOS 15, the latest operating system. But thanks to the powerful processor, which has been ideally adapted to the needs of iPadOS, the iPad will continue to receive the latest versions of the operating system in the coming years. If you rely on a stable and permanent internet connection on your tablet, you can upgrade to an LTE module, as with all iPads.

Who is the “normal” iPad suitable for?

Due to the low starting price, this iPad is particularly suitable for private use. But this tablet is also very suitable for students and schoolchildren, especially in combination with the first generation Apple Pencil. The model is also ideal as an addition to a notebook or computer and for taking notes. In principle, the entry-level device can be used as the main device, but other models are much better suited for demanding or longer work.

The advantages / disadvantages of the iPad Gen. 9:

- Low price

- Good performance and long update guarantee thanks to the powerful processor

- Apple Pencil 1 and Smart Keyboard support


- Something small for larger tasks Display

- The performance may not be sufficient for power users in certain cases

- Design is now quite outdated

- It is the only iPad that still has a Lightning port

The iPad Mini

The iPad Mini is the smallest model, but still offers excellent performance. The Mini was first released in the year after Steve Jobs' death and was regularly renewed from then on. There is now the 6. generation

The technical features of the iPad Mini

The 6. Generation of the Mini comes for the first time in the new design without a home button and with narrower screen edges. The built-in A15 Bionic processor ensures breathtaking performance in the Mini. Although the device only has a size of 195.4x134.8x6.3 mm and weighs 293 grams, it has an 8.3-inch display with a peak brightness of 500 nits. The device is unlocked via Touch ID, which is integrated in the power button. A 12 MP wide-angle camera on the back and a 12 MP ultra-wide-angle camera on the front ensure good to very good video quality. High audio quality is also guaranteed by two stereo speakers. The storage is 64GB in the base configuration, but can be upgraded to 256GB. In addition to Space Gray, it is also available in the colors Rose, Violet and Polarstern.

Who is the iPad Mini suitable for?

The Mini is not intended for real productive work. It is more of a small and mobile companion that, thanks to Apple Pencil support, allows you to take notes and sketches on the go. So if you want a tablet that is as small as possible and still don't want to compromise on quality and performance, you will love the iPad Mini.

The advantages / disadvantages of the iPad Mini:

- Very handy and mobile format

- Very high performance thanks to the A15 chip

- Despite its small dimensions, very high-quality hardware


- No compatibility with Magic Keyboard

The iPad Air

The iPad Air was recently renewed and received the M1 chip for the first time. This makes the Air a real work machine. The now 5th Generation comes in a new design, which is particularly notable for its very thin display bezels.

The technical features of the iPad Air:

As mentioned, the Apple M1 chip in the 247.6x178.5x6.1 mm tablet ensures brilliant performance. The weight is just 461 grams. The 10.9-inch Display has a peak brightness of 500 nits and has a typically high resolution. The camera on the back is a 12 MP wide-angle camera, and there is a 12 MP ultra-wide-angle camera on the front. 2 stereo speakers and 2 microphones ensure good recording and sound quality. The iPad Air is available in space gray, polar star, purple, rose and blue and is equipped with either 64 GB or 256 GB of memory.

Who is the iPad Air suitable for?

The iPad Air is suitable for almost everyone. The excellent performance and yet quite handy format make the Air a very universally applicable device. With the Apple Pencil 2, the tablet can be used ideally for drawing or taking notes at school/university and with the Magic Keyboard it can almost compete with a laptop. Therefore, proper professional work is possible with the iPad Air.

The advantages / disadvantages of the iPad Air:

- Excellent performance thanks to M1 chip

- Low weight ensures high mobility

- Lots of bright colors


- Unlocking via Face ID not possible

- No refresh rate of 120 Hz

The iPad Pro - best iPad for drawing

The iPad Pro is the last device in this iPad buying guide and the most powerful model. The Pro is the only series available in two different sizes (11 and 12.9 inches). Technically, the two models differ not only in the size, but also in the technology of the display. For the first time, the 12.9-inch model has a mini LED display. However, the two models do not differ in terms of other technical features.

The technical features of the iPad Pro

The technical features of the Pro can be compared to a notebook. The 12.9-inch device in particular has the same dimensions with a size of 280.6x214.9x6.4 mm. However, at 685 grams, the weight is significantly lighter than that of a notebook. The smaller iPad Pro has a size of 247.6x178.5x5.9 mm and weighs just 470 grams. The M1 chip from Apple ensures excellent performance in both devices. The refresh rate of up to 120 Hz and a permanent brightness of 600 nits also ensure pleasant use. As mentioned, the 12.9-inch iPad Pro has a mini-LED display. This has over 2500 local dimming zones, which not only ensure a razor-sharp display with perfect contrast values, but also a peak brightness of 1600 nits for HDR content. The storage is 128 GB in the basic configuration, but can also be increased to 256 and 512 GB. In these three configurations, the iPad has 8 GB of RAM. However, there is also a 1 TB and a 2 TB version of the Pro, which have 16 GB of RAM. Another unique feature of the Pro is the cameras on the back. There are two cameras with (ultra) wide-angle lenses, a LIDAR sensor and a flash. There is also an ultra-wide-angle camera on the front. Four speakers and five microphones ensure high recording and sound quality. Both iPads are unlocked via Face ID. The new Thunderbolt/USB4 port on the bottom is particularly interesting for professional users as it has a speed of up to 40 Gbit/s. Of course, the Pro also supports the Apple Pencil 2 and the Magic Keyboard.

Who is the iPad Pro suitable for?

As the name suggests, the Pro is primarily intended for professional work. But schoolchildren and students who value a large display can also benefit from the 12.9 inch model. The form factor is similar to that of a classic A4 sheet, making it very convenient to take notes. In short: Best iPad for drawing? - definitely. Thanks to the Magic Keyboard, the Pro can also be used very well as a laptop replacement. Unfortunately, the iPad Pro still cannot achieve its full potential. Unfortunately, there are still no apps that are fully adapted to iPadOS for professional work.

The advantages / disadvantages of the iPad Pro:

- Extremely powerful processor and first-class hardware

- The 12.9 inch model offers plenty of space for writing and drawing + serious laptop replacement

- Fast Thunderbolt port


- Very high price

- iPadOS still can't keep up with MacOS in certain areas

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Buy older generations of the iPad

The normal iPad is already the 9th. generation The Pro also now has 4 older predecessor models. Since all iPads are quality products, you can usually opt for an older generation. The current version differs from the previous version in just a few points. However, the previous models are often already heavily discounted, so a lot of money can be saved here.


The question: “ Which iPad to buy?” cannot be answered in general terms. For everyone who places little value on top performance, modern looks and the best features, but simply needs a device for watching films or for occasional work, the "normal" iPad be extremely satisfied. If you need a particularly mobile and handy tablet that still has very strong performance, you should choose the Mini. The latest technology in such a small form factor makes the Mini a unique device. The Air will probably be the device of choice for most. It combines most of the advantages of the Pro in a slightly smaller housing and, above all, impresses with its excellent price-performance ratio. The iPad Pro (best iPad for drawing) is particularly interesting for two target groups: professional users who want a fast processor connection with first-class hardware, and the creative users who work a lot with the Apple Pencil and simply want a large display.

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